I think that music is a universal language.  It doesn't matter where you are or what language you speak, when a good beat reaches your ears, it can move you like nothing else.  There is a perfect song for whatever your mood.  So when I found these talented individuals making music with everyday items, I had to share.  Take a minute to watch these videos and be inspired.  :)

This first video is of this 10 year old going to work on this washing machine.  Phenomenal!

The second video is of a teen using all sorts of kitchen items.  It's pretty cool.

This guys is awesome.  He shows that you can make music anywhere even a subway tunnel.

At first, this video seems like it isn't anything special, but keep watching because it it freaking cool!  Now we couldn't embed the video, but it is really cool and you should definitely check it out.


And this last video is of a street drummer in London.  He uses buckets, pots and pans to make some amazing music.

I have also seen people using brooms and trash cans to make music.  What do you think?  Have you ever seen anyone do anything like this?