People always gripe that Amarillo doesn't have much to do but I can tell you this, it's way better than living in Lubbock.

Sure, we have to deal with smell of cow crap every Thursday and Saturday, sometimes Sunday and Monday too, but hey it beats dealing with drunk frat boys passing out or puking on your lawn.

So I made a list on why Amarillo is so much better than Lubbock.

1. The "Raider Rash"

I've heard about this thing called the "Raider Rash" which refers to the insanely high amount of STD's at Texas Tech. Granted Amarillo does have a super high teen pregnancy rate, but at least that don't leave ya itch'n!

2. "Dirt City"

While it's windy in Amarillo at least we don't have the city nickname of "Dirt City." And I think Lubbock is the only city in Texas that has had a Haboob occur. Yes that's a word people, look it up. It means giant dirt storm.

3. Traffic

Due to the University, traffic is insane! If you are trying to get anywhere on a Friday while school is in session, Good Luck! Plan on sitting through multiple red lights.

4. Palo Duro Canyon

We've got Palo Duro Canyon right in our backyard. The closest thing they have is Buffalo Springs Lake which is the older cousin to Martin Road Lake. and I'm sure you've all had an experience at Martin Road Lake.

5. 72 oz steak... Nuff said!