Summer is just around the corner and if it is anything like it has been over the past couple years, it's gonna be hot!  Don't worry here are some awesome recipes for some homemade popsicles the kids will love!

I have found that my son tends to eat more things if I let him help me make it.  He feels a sense of pride because he made it.  So I have come up with a bunch of things that he can do and enjoy.  One of our favorites is homemade popsicles.  Here a few delicious recipes you can try at home.  Enjoy!

You can usually buy the popsicle molds at any store like Walmart or the dollar store and not spend a ton of cash.

1. Rainbow Pops

These are super simple but take a little time.  I usually use a limeade and food color but you could totally use different juices or kool aid.   You poor the first color in and freeze.  Make sure that it is frozen enough to where the colors won't mix.  Then add the next color and repeat the process until all the colors are nice and frozen.  The kids will love them!

2. Strawberry Fruit Pops

My son is love fruit bars and this is so simple.  You can actually use most any fruit and it will still be delicious.  Get your fruit choice an puree it in a small fruit processor.  Then scoop it into the popsicle molds and freeze.  Kids will love them and they aren't loaded with sugar.

3. Fruit Juice Bars

Let your child pick their favorite fruit juice or juices.  It really is that simple.  Just pour them into the molds and freeze.

4. Jell-o Pops

I found this recipe last year and it is one of my son's favorites.  It takes Jell-O and Kool Aid.  You can get the full recipe here.

5. Creamy Chocolate (Avocado) Fudgesicles

I know you are thinking avocado?  But trust me it doesn't taste that way.  My son eats so healthy so I often look up recipes and this one is amazing!  Your kids will love it.  You can find the recipe here.

6. Gummy Bear Pops

This is the easiest, coolest recipe yet.  All you need is Sprite and gummy bears.  You fill the mold with Sprite and drop in the gummy bears.  That's it!

I hope that these ideas will help you and your kids do something fun together and give you a nice cool treat for the hot summer.  What are some of your popsicle recipes?