One Florida teen was riding the bus to school for the first time when she was beaten unconscious.

When one teenage girl in Florida went to ride the school bus for the first time it was not what she expected. When she boarded the bus none of the students would let her sit down, there was 75 other students riding the same bus that day to school.

One girl on the bus asked other students if they would like to form a circle around the victim and start hitting and kicking her, and they did. A student on the bus told police it looked like the victim fell on the floor and starting having seizures and the passed out.

The school bus driver said he pulled over once he seen the fight first break out, when he pulled to the side of the road the fighting had stopped so he continued driving. As soon as the bus took off again the students started to go after the victim again. Because he couldn't control the fight he waited until he got to the school and warn officials about what was going on.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for muscle spasms and severe bruising on her head, she was also diagnosed with a concussion. Authorities arrested 7 students on the bus ranging from 12-15 years of age for battery and disorderly conduct. The name of the victim or the names of the suspects will not be released due to they are all minors.

The suspects will not likely be able to return to school until they have resolved the issue in court, and will be expelled or have to transfer to a different school. This according to the Ocala school system in Ocala, Florida.