A 4th grader is being bullied at school, the father of the victim files a restraining order on the bully to send a message.

A Southern California Father had to step up and protect his son after school officials failed to take a threat seriously.

A 10 year old 4th grader went home to his dad after school one day and told his father that he was threatened by another student with a knife. The victim did not tell teachers or administrators because he said the threat happened during class. The father then told school officials about the incident and they gave the suspect a 5 day suspension, but the father said that that is not enough. The father then went and got a restraining order on the bully for the safety of his son.

When the local law enforcement went to check the bully after the restraining order was filed they found a 2-inch pocket knife on the kid on school grounds. The bully is now forced to stay 20 feet away from the victim.

The school system clearly states that if a student is found with any kind of weapon on school grounds the student is automatically expelled. But the school officials in this case didnt take the claims seriously and follow up on the situation causing this father to go out of his way for his sons safety.