A Seattle man attended a city counsel meeting a year after he was arrested and went off, the video was recorded and is a YouTube sensation.

So one day a Seattle native had to use the bathroom, he then went to a public restroom that men and women share to handle his business. While inside of the bathroom he blurted out the F-Word and standing outside of the bathroom was an elderly woman. She was waiting in line and told the man "excuse me," and his response the elderly woman was "have you ever heard of F-Word?

After the confrontation with the elderly woman the man then went across the street to find another bathroom he could use. Well apparently the elderly woman was not so happy with his foul language and called the police. So while he was trying to find a restroom a cop comes up to him and asks him for his ID. The man said "what for? Are you going to arrest me for saying the F-Word?"

As soon as the man said that the cop told him to put his hands behind his back and he certainly was arrested. So a year after his arrest the man attended a city counsel meeting to speak his mind and that is exactly what he did. Now I don't know if this man is upset all the time but it sure does seem like it. Check out the video below and see for yourself.