Cops were called to a house in Wisconsin on claims of a man hitting his wife, but the suspect claims he didn't do the crime, A 'ghost' did.

I have heard of the paranormal touching people or shoving people. But I have never heard of the paranormal punching people in the face numerous times while trying to strangle them. But hey, you never know right.

The Fon Du Lac Sheriff's office responded to a call of domestic violence on Sunday at 8p.m. When police arrived the wife told police that her husband had tried to strangle her numerous times and tried to hit her numerous times while she tried to call the police. The husband told the police that she had gotten her injuries from falling a few times.

After police had questioned the husband for a few minutes he decided to change his story as to how his wife received the injuries. He said that a 'ghost' tried to hit and strangle his wife numerous times, that is where her injuries had come from. The police didn't buy it and the husband was arrested for domestic abuse, strangulation, battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest according to the Huffington Post.