We are always on YouTube looking at the people that either wipe out, or just an epic fail but in the mist of all that what about the people that do extraordinary stunts.
Everyone is awesome in their own way, if your a star athlete, a daredevil, or just like to put your self into danger. We all have our own gifts we have been blessed with.  Blake agrees with me that it's awesome when he sees ordinary people doing extraordinary things like surfing huge waves, skiing off huge mountains, or even doing back flips on a bike for that matter.

So whatever the case might be Blake sure won't be the one to invite you to go rock climbing without any ropes or safety gear. He sits back and watches people become stars doing things that ordinary people like myself wouldn't do. So if you are like people who love to have adrenaline running though their blood then check out the video and see what these awesome people have to offer.