Amarillo is not the biggest or the busiest city in america, but if you grew up here or are growing up here one thing that Amarillo is slacking in is the events that we should have, but do not come though our city.

In 2013 the Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council wants to bring more conventions and events to the Route 66/Amarillo area this year. Dan Quandt, the Executive Director put out a statement "We want local residents to share leads with our professional staff on possible organizations or events to bring to Amarillo". Which mean meetings or event ideas could come from 50 to 5,000 people, but as long as they bring good business and overnight guests to our city its will all good gravy.

Now maybe these future events won't happen for several of years, anyways as long we get help needed to book these future events in 2013 is a better situation to have. Also the Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council group has set a goal for 66 new groups or events to make way to Amarillo this year. There are events or conventions that are out there in the bigger city's that we know could be big here in the city, but all Amarillo has to to do is put their name on them and maybe just maybe with an added on a second level to our ever so small Civic Center could mean bigger and better events for the furture.

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