The month of May has been designated as 'bicycle and motorcycle awareness month.'  People are warned to look twice and share the road.  Well as part of  the 'awareness,' A Ride of Silence has been scheduled.

Sponsored by Old Tascosa Cycling and Share the Road, this will mark the 8th annual Ride of Silence.  The purpose is to honor bicyclists killed or injured by motorists.  Riders are often not seen until it is too late.  This event will serve as a reminder that we share the road with bikes and motorcycles.

The Ride will be held on Wednesday, May 16th and will start at 6:30 p.m. The route will take riders from the Potter County Courthouse, Southeast Sixth Avenue and Taylor Street.  After the route is completed, riders will return to the courthouse for a social gathering.

Anyone wanting to participate should wear a helmet and be able to ride at a speed of 10 mph.

And the next time you hit the road, remember you share the road with bicycles and motorcycles.