WTAMU school officials have figured out a way for students to have better parking with less traffic tickets, but it will come for a fee.

Parking has been an issue for the college students at West Texas A&M University. Hundreds, maybe thousands of students drive into Canyon and have trouble finding a parking spot before class. It is even hard for the students who live on campus to find a parking spot during school.

One major problem WT faced was students complaining about parking, saying the University will not make any changes to parking because they are wanting to tickets students who are parking where they are not supposed to.

Students have to show up extra early just to find somewhere to park. Sometimes students are running late to class causing them to park anywhere knowing they will be getting a ticket. That is why WT school officials made a change to end the parking wars coming this fall semester. There will no longer be designated spots for Faculty, staff and students, with a $40 parking permit students will be able to park anywhere on campus.

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