If your the type of person who needs motivation to get up and work out, then this is for you.

Do you make excuses about not being able to go to the gym? Or maybe you don't want to work out alone or need someone to push you to get to your goals. Then your in luck.

The Boot Camp Challenge is about to kick off at Gold's Gym in Amarillo. It is going to push you to get to your goals with guaranteed results if you are willing to give everything you got.

The Boot Camp Challenge will help you in all areas to get in better shape including nutritional guidance, exercise instruction and motivation.

It is open for anyone who wants to participate, it will be going on at both Gold's Gym Blackburn and Gold's Gym Puckett. It kicks off April 23rd and will wrap up on May 21st.

For more information on how to sign up contact Lisa at (806) 433-5406 or lisa@goldsama.com

Join a FREE demo class on Wednesday, April 11th @ 5:30am or Thursday, April 12 @ 7:30pm at Gold's Gym Blackburn Group Exercise Studio.  Call or email Lisa Stanfield to participate in the free class.  Limited to the first 10 to sign up.