Canyon, TX passed the ban on using your cell phone while you are driving. Is this law something to look forward to or will it have its setbacks?

On August 1st the ban will take effect in Canyon that prohibits cellphone use while driving. I will bet the Canyon police will be busy with this law seeing how WT is there and people are driving constantly in and out of that small town.

The funny thing about the ban is that you are allowed to talk on the phone. But what the ban prohibits using your phone for texting or sending e-mails, using the internet, and or typing directions on your GPS.

Of course if you are caught doing anything the law prohibits they you will be charged with a hefty fine. Its going to your word against the officers in Canyon if you get caught, Just know when you do you will have to pay up to $200. So be extra caution when your going to school or just driving through.