Chick Fil A On Georgia Offering Family Night
With school back in session, families routines and schedules have changed.  But that doesn't mean the family fun has to stop.  Chick-Fil-A on S. Georgia is hosting a family night once a week throughout September.
The National Day of the Cowboy is Saturday, July 25th
When you grow up in Texas one of the things that is certain, at some point in your life you will come across a cowboy.   It was the cowboy that helped build this great state, heck it was the cowboy that helped build this country.  So when it comes to cowboys there has to be a day to h…
The Discovery Center Presents Discover AfterDark- Camp Iwanna
One of the best thing about being a kid is getting to go to summer camp.  Summer camp is just one of those things that every kid has to do in their lifetime, because you make memories that last a lifetime.  I remember going to summer camp, and some of my fellow campers from back in the day were remi…
Five Classic Songs Kidz Bop Should Cover
Kids these days don't know how good they have it. Back in the old days, if a popular song had raunchy lyrics or cussed every other word, parents just didn't allow their kids to listen to it. Ever since the year 2000 though, that hasn't been the case, because in 2000 Kidz Bop released …
Where Will You Celebrate the 4th of July [POLL]
The 4th of July holiday is this Saturday and you can find all sorts of festivities going on around the area.  It's a day to enjoy celebrating our independence while enjoying time with our family and friends.  So with everything that is going what are your plans for the holiday.

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