Jelly Belly Introduces Beer Flavored Jelly Bean [VIDEO]
Jelly beans have been around for as long as I can remember.  Some of the flavors awesome and others strange and even gross.  But now there is something for the beer lovers.  Jelly Belly has announced the introduction to the beer flavored jelly bean.
5 Foods I Love That I Steal From My Kid
My kid is just like me, he loves to eat! When I was a kid I loved Mac & Cheese, and just like his dad, my son loves it. So his mother and I buy him a lot of macaroni and cheese, and every now and then I will sneak me a bowl or two.
Now I don't do it to be a mean dad, I do it because it&a…
What Is Three Kings Day?
While many in the US celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years during the cold seasons, there's a quite unknown holiday that's recently taking more notice.
A Deeper Look Into The Fast Food We Eat [VIDEO]
Everyday you turn on the TV, you surf the internet, or you see billboards for fast food. The big companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year for ads for us to go out and eat their latest food creations. Well what if you could watch someone give a review after eating a certain product f…
5 Untraditional Foods To Have On Thanksgiving
With November 28th approaching, many of us are preparing with anticipation for the holiday that causes arguably the most stomach cramps and sudden weight gain: Thanksgiving. This holiday is truly special, bringing in family members and friends from all over, full of unforgettable, happy moments…

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