Here Is The Vine Of The Day!
When you stay in a hotel or motel or any kind of resort, do you sometimes take the stuff out the rooms? Maybe the little soaps or even the cups, maybe even a pillow like this guy in this vine!
Here Is The Best Goal Champion From The World Cup Brazil
The World Cup is over, Germany are the champions of the World! Now with over 5 weeks, over 60 game played in the books. The question now is which goal was considered the very best? I took every goal and put them up against each other and you voted.
Oscar’s Best World Cup Goal In Brazil 2014-Championship Round
This Past Sunday we saw Germany become the world champions of Futbol (soccer) defeating Argentina 1-0. The winning goal came in extra time from Germany, they went on to becoming Four time World cup champions. They will have bragging rights for the next four years! 2018 will be here before you know i…
The Round Of The Eilte Eight Finding The Best World Cup Goal In Brazil
As the World Cup comes closer to ending for another 4 years. Teams are getting eliminated one by one and players are now getting hit with injury's. It has been tough to say who will win and become World Champions of Futbol, but Sunday we will find that out. Here are is the next list of Goals yo…
2014 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 Best Of The Best Goals
The round of 16 has ended and eight teams are left in the World Cup to become world champions! The best world goals are being voted on though the end of the sporting event and we need your vote on which goal so far has been impressive to you.
Oscar’s Best of the Best 2014 World Cup Goal
The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is getting closer to finding the world champion! The knockout stage or the round of 16 kicked off this past weekend. Here are few other goals you can vote on! Lets see if goal number 5 can hold to best goal into the next round?

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