Chad Ochocinco changed his last name last year from Johnson to Ochocinco so it will match his jersey number in Cincinnati but now he might have to pay his new teammate to get his number back.

Last year the star wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson changed his name to Chad Ochocinco  to match his jersey number. But now that Chad has been traded to the New England Patriots he might have to pay some big bucks to get the number from his new teammate Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez who now holds the #85 in New England tore it up on the field last year and made a name for himself and the #85. Chad Ochocinco he would but the number from Hernandez if he is willing to sell it because he doesnt want another number.

Chad told reporters no number is to high, meaning he will offer Hernandez anything he wants in order to retain his number.