When it comes to stuffing the stockings, Santa does a great job, but it is also fun to add some other stuff to the mix.  So here's the Top 5 ideas on the perfect stocking stuffers.



You cannot go wrong with candy.  Christmas is the day to spurge so why not add a little sweetness to the mix with your persons favorite candy.  For the kids I go with the Lifesavers Story Books or the Hershey Candy Canes filled with chocolate.  For the adults I go with the fancy candy like Ferrereo Rocher.


Lottery Tickets

Heck spend a few bucks and have a chance at millions, uh yes please!  Just make sure the receiver knows that they are splitting 10% of whatever they win.

Unfortunately, any of the lottery tickets I ever get in my stocking are not winners.  Not even a $1.


Lip Balm

(aka Chapstick-let's face it we as Texans take a brand name and just run with it for every form.  Coke = Soda, Kleenex = tissues, Chapstick = lip balm)

Let's face it.  Everyone's lips get chapped and just about everyone I know carries around lip balm.  The great thing about this stuff is it comes in so many flavors and style you can find the perfect stick to match anyone in your family.



OK so not just any socks.  These have to be the fun fuzzy socks for women, the cute multicolored socks for the younger kids, and for the guys, well let's just say go with your gut.  There is just something fun about socks to put on your feet to keep them warm.


 Pens and Notepads

Nearly everyone I know loves to get fancy pens, Sharpies, pencils, and post its in their stocking.  So when looking for ideas don't forget to hit up the office supply aisle.  You can never have too many fancy pens. Avoid the feather pens for the guys, they like regular fancy pens.


Added Bonus Stocking Stuffer- The Cuisine Card:


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