You would have never known Country singer Rodney Atkins was adopted when he was a young boy.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Rodney Atkins was raised in the town of Harrogate, Tennesee. As a child Atkins grew up in the Holston Home where he was adopted.

To this day he still keeps in touch with the home, he also does work with the National Council for Adoption. He describes those days in the home as learning for the future.

Atkins just in the past few years was able to reconnect with his birth mother because of the National Council for Adoption. Atkins told "After I met her, now I am just so grateful and happy that I did. I was thinking it was going to be some awkward moment but I think it put a lot of the weight she was carrying through the years to rest of what had happened to her."

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