He's the man that seems to be able to fix any one's problems, including his own. Dr. Phil writes in Newsweek that after having their first son, he and wife Robin were done with the baby business. The then 29 year old Phil just happened to have a friend who was a doctor and offered to do the procedure. They were such good pals that he didn't even bother to book a nurse and Phil himself assisted with the procedure. I can just see men everywhere squirming  just reading this, but not tough ole Dr. Phil !

"I even handed him the surgical instruments as needed. They say, “Take your shirt off,” and they start plugging me into IVs," McGraw wrote in Newsweek. "I remember being in recovery and the doctors saying, “Wake up! We have to get you out of here.” They drag me out with one arm over each shoulder and drive me home. They dump me on the curb later that night."

I'm all for free hookups, but NOT when that means you assist with your own surgery. I wonder what Oprah would think about all this ?