This seems to be the year of 'New' for Girls Scouts in our area.  Not only is cookie season upon us, but there will be a new addition, in a new box, and a new way to pay.

As a person with a major sweet tooth, I look forward to seeing Girl Scouts all over town selling their famous cookies.  And this year is no different.  But the Girl Scouts have a new mantra this year-'new.'

First off, a new cookie will be making an appearance-Mango Crme with Nutrifusion.  The new cookie will be a crunchy vanilla and coconut cookie with a mango-flavored crme filling that contains nutrients and vitamins from fruit such as cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, and grapes!

Next, they are changing the packaging.  Since 1999, we have seen the same box year after year.  This year they have changed it up.  The packages shows the five financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills that the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls.  The new packaging also highlights the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards - awards that mark the progression and achievement of a girl through her Girl Scouting career.

And finally, they are changing with technology.  In the past, if you wanted the delicious cookies you had to pay with cash.  Not so anymore.  The Girl Scouts can now take credit cards!  Girls will be using Sage Mobile Devices to take credit card payments on the spot.

Oh how the times are a changing.  But as far as the cookie, bring on the old classics like Samoas and Thin Mints, yummy!