The dynamic duo of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood take the stage tomorrow night as co-hosts for the 2011 CMA awards broadcast on ABC.  Between Brad's one-liners and Carrie's comedy timing, they might just steal the show.  Oh yeah, they can sing too!!  Can't wait to see them perform 'Remind Me'. And just a reminder, I'll have a special musical menu for the buffet at noon tomorrow-I'll play all the CMA nominated songs along with your requests.

For the list of all the CMA nominees, click here.

I like to record and pause as the evening goes on.  That way, I can stop and perform a snack attack on the kitchen.   I can always gauge a great awards show by the amount of times I get up or pause the show.  This year I have a feeling I'll only be pausing when necessary to nuke a bag of popcorn or make a quick bathroom break.

Will you be watching the show live or from your DVR?