It is a perfect day to do a good deed.  A fundraiser and blood drive is being held today for Sgt. Don Moore.  You can grab lunch and help out a great cause.

The Amarillo Police do so much to protect and serve the community and now you have a chance to do something for a police officer.

Sgt. Don Moore have been a part of the Amarillo Police Department for 35 years.  And after years of serving and protecting, he has been diagnosed with bone cancer.  He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and his family has been hit with all kinds of medical expenses.

Today his fellow officers have pulled together to try and raise money to help his family and you can help.  Today from 11:00 a.m. to ???  a fundraiser and blood drive will be taking place.

Instead of heading to the nearest burger joint for lunch, head over to 3rd and Fillmore.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and a drink are being sold for a $7 donation.  A great deal on the food and it will help out Sgt. Moore's family.  They will also be holding a bake sale with all kinds of desserts for sale.

There is also a bank account set up at the Amarillo National Bank for donations.

While you are out having lunch, look for the bloodmobile.  The Coffee Memorial Blood center will be out at the location the entire time.  Everyone who donates blood will be given a chance to sign a Tree of Life that will be given to Sgt. Moore and his wife.