When is the last time you loaded up the family and went to the movies?  How about the drive in?  Well, that is too long!  Load them up and head over to Tascosa Drive In.

The Tascosa Drive In is often forgotten, but it shouldn't be.  The drive in is perfect for those new parents who don't want to take their baby to a movie theater.  I know when my son was born, we rediscovered the drive in.

I hated the fact that my son could disturb some other paying person's movie.  The drive in was perfect.  My son could cry and as he got older move around all he wanted to.

For a small price you can watch two movies and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.  And the best part is you can bring in any outside food you want.  Picnic or take out it doesn't matter.

Now if you are like me and have to have your popcorn, you can enjoy the full concession stand at lower prices than movie theaters.

So the next time you're in the mood for a good movie or two remember Tuesday nights are $10 nights.  That means that you can get car load in for just 10 bucks!  Yes if you can fit 5 people in your car, you can all get in for just $10.

The Tascosa Drive In a great way to spend your family time.