(Warning, this blog may contain movie spoilers. Read at your own risk) I like to watch movies. But from time to time I'll finish a movie and while I enjoyed the climatic, edge of the seat ending, I'll ask myself, "Why did they make that so hard?"

For example the Chucky movies. A man possesses a doll and then rains terror upon the household that buys him. While Chucky is a mean little doll and knows how to use a knife. Wouldn't it have been easier to grab a can of hairspray a lighter and burn the little plastic demonic jerk? Heck a golf club or baseball bat would have been a great way to get the thing away.  Beat him down to where he's unconscious then throw him in the dryer or the washer then dryer either way, it's that simple.  But then the movie wouldn't have been as scarey or climatic.

I'm not the only person in the world to think about how a movie should have ended. This weekend I wasn't feeling well and found myself lying in my bed watching YouTube videos. I came across the How It Should Have Ended channel.

How It Should Have Ended, HISHE for short,  is animated parody endings to popular movies.  They answer the question, "Why didn't they just do it this way." Below you can watch their Jaws and Dark Knight movie parodies, warning if you haven't watch these movies, the parodies may spoil the ending for you. If you like what you see, go check out their YouTube Channel. And for even more fun you can go to their website howitshouldhaveended.com.