With the temperatures into the triple digits, we are doing all we can to keep ourselves cool.  We are not the only ones enduring these grueling temperatures.  Here are a few tips to keep your pets cool during the summer.

We often forget that pets cannot take care of themselves.  But with temperatures in the hundreds, we need to make sure that we take extra care of our beloved animal friends.   Here are a few tips to help keep your pets cool during these hot summer months.

WATER-Just like people, dogs need water all the time.  Make sure your pet has fresh water throughout the day.  Another great tip is to put ice cubes into his water bowl during the hottest times of the day.

NEVER LEAVE IN CAR- Just like you don't leave children in the car, you don't leave your pets in the car.  temperatures can get super hot and cracking the window will not help.  Your car is like an oven, so avoid this situation at all costs.

EARLY WALKS- Dogs still need to be walked, but you might want to adjust the walking schedule.  Try and walk you dog in the early hours of the day so that he won't overheat.  If the sidewalk/pavement is too hot for you to walk barefoot, then it's too hot for your dogs paws.

KEEP YOUR PET GROOMED- If your animal has a lot of fur, it is important to keep it groomed so that they can stay cool.  And if your pet has extra long hair, you might think about trimming it up.

SUNSCREEN-Pets can get sunburned just like people can, especially on their nose and tip of the ears.  Check with your vet on the type of sunscreens best for your pet.

SHADE- While the best thing would be to keep your dog inside, a lot of dogs are outside dogs.  Make sure their dog house is in a shaded area and if possible give your dog a fan.  In super hot temps, a dog house directly in the sun can be just as dangerous as a car.

The temperatures have been in the triple digits and while it is important for you to keep yourself protected from the heat, don't forget about your beloved pets.  These are a few tips to help keep you pet cool during these hot summer temps.