With all this cold weather hanging around, I've been trying to find different ways to keep my son happy indoors.  One of the favorites at our house is the blanket fort!  If you have never made one before, then it's about time you did! 

When the weather is too cold, too hot or too windy to be outside one of our favorite things to do is build a blanket fort.  It lets the inner kid come out while your kids are having just as much fun.

Here are a few things you will need:

Lots of blankets and/or sheets


Comforter or Sleeping Bag

Sofa, Chairs or Bed

Safety Pins, Clothes Pins or rubber bands

First of all, you need to find a place to build a fort.  We use our living room.  I turn my sofa and loveseat around to where the backs are facing each other.  Then I get a fitted sheet and pull it over the backs of the sofas.  I then use clothes pins to make sure they won't slip off.

Next, I get the dinning room chairs and set them out so that we can have an extra big fort.  I get more sheets and drape them over the backs of the chairs.  I use clothes pins to connect the sheets to one another.

Once all the sheets are in place, I use a thick blanket or comforter for the bottom.  I throw in a bunch of pillows and sometimes a sleeping bag.

My son loves it!  He can hang out in his blanket fort all day.

Blanket forts can be made anywhere.  An easy way is to throw some sheets over the dining room table.  You can also use beds or chairs.  The possibilities are endless and you can use just about anything you have lying around the house.

Now go out and build yourself a blanket fort!  Enjoy.  :)