Ok girls, if you are planning a wedding I'm right there with ya. We spend all that time growing up thinking about how perfect it will be, but we never really thought about how much actually goes into said perfection. So take a deep breath,open that bottle (or two) of wine and enjoy the whole process ! Here's a list of ways to tell if you're becoming the B word...Bridezilla.

1) Your Registry Totals More Than A College Education

Have you already started thinking about where you're going to store your new crystal? Who do you think is going to shell out for the silver -- or the china? What about the high-end digital camera or the top-of-the-line luggage? Unless your last name is Gates, and your daddy's first name is Bill, the only thing a registry filled with $100-plus items is going to get you is a bunch of congratulatory cards. Sure, your families will probably splurge on something nice, and close friends might want to drop a few Benjamins for the occasion, but the rest of your guests aren't looking to spoil you with high-tech gadgets and fine cutlery. If they do, great, but be sure to pepper your registry with a few less expensive items, like coffee makers, toasters and griddles, for the rest of us, OK?

2) You're Angry All the Time

Before you started planning your wedding, you got along with everyone. But your friends and family all seem to have spontaneously transformed into insensitive jerks since you got engaged. We've got a bit of bad news: It's you, not them.

3) Your Bridesmaids Defriend You

You used to be the best of friends, now your bridesmaids are avoiding your calls. Maybe it's because you've demanded twice-weekly meetings and have been sending them daily text updates, even though your wedding is still six months out. If you need that much attention, get a wedding planner -- or a therapist. Your friends are happy for you, but they have lives that revolve around more than your big day.

4) Nobody Is Taking Your Calls

It's a bad sign if no one is taking your calls -- even if you're paying them. Say your wedding planner quit, the cake designer won't return your e-mails, and your caterer just sent you a refund check and a note asking not to be contacted again. Sure, maybe you're right -- they're all incompetent -- or perhaps you're being a bit unreasonable. Still can't figure it out? Think about that last message you left the poor florist. If you're expecting good service from your vendors, you need to treat them like the industry experts they are.

5) You're Spending Your Parents into the Poorhouse

It's perfectly natural to want the best of everything for your wedding. However, if your parents are on a fixed income and you're not floating the bill, don't hold too steadfastly to a vision of crystal candelabras and $100 per-person plated dinners. This can put you well on your way to becoming a bridezilla.