Is it just me or does it seem like the Christmas season is starting earlier and earlier each year? Weeks before Halloween, stores like Wal-Mart and Walgreens had Christmas trees up and you could shop for Christmas decorations just a few aisles over from the Halloween candy and costumes ! Maybe it's because retailers fear consumers plan to spend less and want to squeeze as much out of our pockets as possible. Maybe everyone is just really in the holiday spirit. Who knows. I for one think it a little weird to see pumpkins and scarecrows on the porch of one of my neighbors houses , and Christmas lights on the other. And then there's the TV, with its holly jolly commercials and Christmas movies airing in October. Yes, I have started Christmas shopping but no, I won't put up any red and green until after Thanksgiving. Oh, you remember Thanksgiving don't ya? It's that day when  families gather to eat and count our blessings.  Now days it's really more known as the official start to Black Friday than a time to be thankful. So, what is your opinion ? Am I just being a Scrooge , or are we getting ahead of ourselves thank to the help of retailers ?