Ok , it happens every now and then, a Friday that lands on the unluckiest day of the year, the 13th.  But how did a day loved by so many at the end of every week ever get stuck with a bad rep? Well, according to Nationalgeographic.com

Friday the 13th is rooted in ancient, separate bad-luck associations with the number 13 and the day Friday. The two unlucky entities ultimately combined to make one super unlucky day.

The fear of 13 is traced to a  Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party at Valhalla, their heaven. In walked the uninvited 13th guest, the mischievous Loki. Once there, Loki arranged for Hoder, the blind god of darkness, to shoot Balder the Beautiful, the god of joy and gladness, with a mistletoe-tipped arrow.Balder died and the whole Earth got dark. The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day. From that moment on, the number 13 has been considered ominous and foreboding. ( via nationalgeograpic )

An estimated 800-900 million dollars is lost in business on this creepy day and some people actually suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia .

But really, it's just another day., except better it's  FRIDAY! So that means you should be celebrating not sitting at home with the blinds drawn. And to help ya get out and about here's a few fun events going on in Amarillo this Friday...the 13th.

If you love Tx Country music Stoney Larue is playing at Midnight Rodeo Amarillo.

If BBQ, BYOB and live bands is your thing head out to Homers Back Yard Ball.

Friday the 13th is the perfect day for the Discovery Center's  "After Dark- The Science of Fear. "

Hit up a movie for laughs and Bridesmaids is sure to pack a hysterical punch !