Jelly beans have been around for as long as I can remember.  Some of the flavors awesome and others strange and even gross.  But now there is something for the beer lovers.  Jelly Belly has announced the introduction to the beer flavored jelly bean.

According to the Jelly Belly website, they have been trying to develop a beer flavored candy for years and have finally found the perfect recipe.  Now before you get too excited, there is no alcohol in the candy, but the taste is on point.

They are even offering different combinations to enjoy like a Michelada.  If you are interested, eat two draft beer jelly beans, a lemon lime jelly bean and a Tabasco jelly bean.

This is just the latest flavor to be added.  They have had everything from cherry to socks and Lawn Clippings flavors.  And remember the Harry Potter-themed collection that had rotten egg and booger.

Here's a video of the making of the beer flavored bean.