Even though the actress has been made fun of  for not keeping a relationship, guys all over still find her very attractive.

[Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has been blasted by the media many of times for her relationship mishaps. Honestly, I dont know why she has been single for so long. To me she is a Couger on the prowl. Anyways, there is guys all around the world who would love to date Aniston and still find her very attractive. The proof is in the reward she is about to recieve.

The past recipients of this same award are Halle Berry and Charlize Therone, so that must say alot about Aniston. Aniston, 42, will recieve the Decade of Hotness award at the fifth annual Guys Choice Awards. It is said to be one of the nights highest honors.
Aniston will be there to accept the award so guys if you want to tune in the show airs on Friday, June 10th at 8p.m. on Spike TV.