A special needs woman in Los Angeles boarded a bus, when she refused to exit a police officer punches her in the face.

A lady boarded a bus one night with a stroller full of pillows, another passenger stated she was very polite when entering. They said she was saying hello to all the passengers. At the next stop 2 L.A. County Sheriff's deputy's boarded the bus and asked the lady to exit the bus immediately. After the request she started to curse at the officers, one passenger said "you could tell, it was very obvious she had special needs."

Then after she refuses the officers request's the officers the grabs the victim, she then calls one of the officers a "Big Shot," the cop then punches the victim in the face without trying to defuse the situation at all. While the whole ordeal is going on one passenger named Jermaine is recording the situation. After the cop notices he is filming he then proceeds to tell Jermaine if he does not hand over his cell phone he could be arrested.

But why would the cop ask him to hand over his cell phone? Maybe because he knew he was caught doing something he shouldn't have, or something he is going to regret. The L.A. Country Sheriff's office said an investigation is under way on the situation. But after watching the video what do you think should happen? Is the officer in the wrong doing? Or did he do what he had to do? Need I remind you the lady does have special needs, should that be a way to apprehend someone in her state?