Forget sugar and spice, us girls are made of alot tougher stuff than that ! But girls, if you don't already know how to shoot a gun maybe it's time ya learned. Starting September 8th from 6-8 pm you'll have a chance to learn just that !  The girls only class is taught at the Amarillo Shooting Range by Kaci Lusk who told the Amarillo Globe News she thinks this class is just what every woman needs.

Lusk hopes women will gain confidence from training and practice, prompting more of them to obtain concealed handgun licenses.

“If you know how your gun works and how to take it apart and clean it, and you know that when you pull the trigger it’s going to fire,” Lusk said, “then you’re not going to be so afraid of it.”

Now, Lusk is not encouraging everyone to become Annie Oakley, but rather to become educated.

A Girl and A Gun is about education, and although the organization’s goal is to encourage women to participate in competitive shooting, she also puts emphasis on self-defense.

“It’s not about the guns,” she said. “It’s about knowing when and how to use it because sometimes it’s just as important not to use it as it is to use it.”

Lusk said she has heard many stories of women who didn’t know how to protect themselves.

And  Amarillo law enforement couldn't agree more.


Amarillo police Sgt. Brent Barbee said any program that promotes safe, legal and responsible use of firearms is a good idea.

“Without qualified training, (firearms) pose as much danger to the person holding them as to any bad guy,” he said. “I have seen terrible accidents happen when people don’t have respect for a firearm.”

So get ready to shoot a few rounds at the first ever Girl and a Gun night, September 8th 6-9pm ! And here's a great song by the Pistol Annie's to get ya ready ;)