Picking out just the right gifts for everyone on your Christmas list was only half of the battle. Now, you have to wrap those gifts, and while you could go with the old stand by , red and green paper, why not surprise them with something new and unique, These new ideas will make them love even the lamest of gifts :)

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    Crossword Puzzle Paper

    If they love playing words with friends as much as Alec Baldwin, then they are sure to love this fun colorful paper ! You can find this one for just $5 on Etsy.com

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    Go Green With Seed  Paper

    Make sure to get yourself on Santa's nice list with this environmentally friendly paper that can actually be planted in the ground ! Long after they have returned whatever you wrapped in this fab paper, they'll be enjoying beautiful plants and flowers ! Go green at Bloomin.com to pick this paper

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    The PC paper

    Whether you want to be politically correct or just don't want to leave anyone out,this paper gets the job done ! Its' available at Thinkgeek.com for $5.99.

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    Nesting Dolls To Decorate Your Nest

    The only thing cooler than a set of nesting dolls, is finding a gift wrapped in a gift wrapped in a gift....Use this paper to do just that, and find it at nineteenseventythree.com for 4 bucks !

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    Geek Chic

    For the chic geek in your life, wrap that new scientific calculator in this binary paper that you can score for $5.99 at Thinkgeek.com

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    Better With Bacon

    Because EVERYTHING is better with bacon, even Christmas gifts ! Off the plate and under the tree ! This paper is being served up at Thinkgeek.com for $3.99.

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    Hot Off The Grill Hamburger Paper

    Who cares what's actually inside when the gifts are wrapped like a hamburger!!! This tasty treat can be yours at kickstarter.com. It will set ya back more than ordering off the dollar menu, but it's worth it !