Have you ever wondered if Mario Kart were real what it would be like? Me neither, but these film makers brought it to life and it looks awesome!

When there isn't a good game on TV or I am really bored I tend to get on YouTube and just look around to see what videos I can find.  Recently I have become hooked on these young film makers from California who made videos just for fun to making money while making videos.

Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch met in College while they both were attending the University of Southern California of Cinematic Arts. After graduating Wong created Overcrank Media, a media production company in Los Angeles which he owns and manages. Since Wong and Laatsch have teamed up to make amazing videos they have been a YouTube sensation, appearing in late night TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel. They have have had famous actors appear in there videos such as Jon Favreau and Eliza Dushku.

Recently Wong and Laatsch were picked up by Google to make videos full time on YouTube and get paid for it. So every week they come out with new videos on there YouTube page which currently has over 520 million views. This Real Life Mario Kart video they just made is one of many awesome videos you can watch. Again, I just found these guys while sitting at home bored, check out the videos they are entertaining.