17 year-old Marissa Herrera has been missing from Amarillo since May 24th, 2013. She is believed to be with a 19 year-old Amarillo man.

A story came in saying she was sent by her sister to live in Tennessee with her mom so she could get a away from the 19 year-old man. Although she is believed to be in Amarillo at this time, no one has heard from here since May 24th, 2013.

Name: Marissa Herrera
Age: 17
Description: Long dark hair, 5'0"
Race: Hispanic
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 120 lbs

If you have any information about Marissa, please contact the Amarillo Police at (806) 378-3038, Investigator Celeste High at (806) 378-9408, Detective Dustin Fait in TN at (615) 267-5441 or Monica Herrera at (806) 679-5258.