The Josh Abbott Band will be playing Saturday, May 28th at Midnight Rodeo. On Thursday I was able to talk to Josh while he was in Denton doing some recording for his new album which he hopes to have out in October.

Josh and I talked about what made him want to start playing music. He told me about how his studies in communication are helping him in the music business. And if you've been wondering why he hasn't released a new single yet; he told me it's because 'Oh Tonight' started getting plays outside of Texas.

Abbott: "Honestly I wanted to sing praise and worship songs. I wanted to sing Pat Green and I wanted to sing Willie Nelson songs."

Abbott:  "Well I almost have a masters."

McWilley: "Tell me about the 'My Texas Bundle' that was benefiting the Dell Children's Media Center of Central Texas."

Abbott: "I'd say we're probably, 35% done with the rest of the album."

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