The Taste of County BBQ Nationals Kicks off tomorrow with 3 great concerts from Casey Berry & The Live Texas Mosquitoes, the  Casey Donahew Band and also the Eli Young Band.  I was able to talk to Casey Donahew  about his transition from doing rodeos to writing music and what it's like to work with his wife Melinda who is also his manager.

Casey: "In 2001 somehow, I ended up on stage in a little bar in Fort Worth."

Casey talks about working with his wife, Melinda, who is also his manager.

McWilley: "What are the perks and downsides of being on stage and in studio?"

McWilley: "What is one thing you want people to know about the Casey Donahew Band?"

To learn more about the Casey Donahew Band visit their website. And don't forget to come out and see the band tomorrow, Friday,  May 27th at the Taste of Country BBQ Nationals at Westgate Mall.