Just days ago a Kenny Chesney fan, Nathan Blankenship, was thrown out of a concert for looking too much like the country superstar.  He is now receiving a full refund and apology from the stars camp.

Nathan Blankenship showed up to a Kenny Chesney concert with a bald head, sleeveless t-shirt and cowboy hat, just to get thrown out.  Security thought he looked too much like the country superstar.  After spending $200 on a ticket, Blankenship was left dumbfounded.

Well, Chesney's camp is doing whatever they can to make it right.  Not only has the fan received an apology from the star's record label and concert promoter, but he will also receive a full refund.

But it doesn't stop there.  Sony will also be sending the fan a gift basket filled with Sony merchandise.

So does this make everything ok?  I mean he still didn't get to see the concert.  If someone spends $200 on a ticket, then they must be a huge fan.  Maybe Kenny Chesney should hook him up with some V.I.P. tickets to another show.

Or maybe they didn't extend the offer of another show because they think he really does look like Chesney.  Who knows.  At least he got his money back and a little publicity.