You would think with everything it takes to have these goddesses looking good all the time they would get paid good, but its not all glamed up as you think it would be.

Working for the NFL you would think cheerleaders make millions of dollars a year like the players do right? If not millions but a good chunk of change. But rumor has that cheerleaders in the NFL only make $50-$75 a game.

WHAT?? I know that's exactly what I said. These goddesses are dancing on the side lines before the game, during the game, at halftime, and after the game. These girls sweat harder than some of the backup football players sitting on the sidelines and get paid way less.

So how do the cheerleaders make there money to support themselves? Because we all know that the spend way more than $50-$75 just on makeup alone. Well alot of there money comes from personal appearances they get paid for, like charity events, autograph signing etc.

You would think they could just get with a NFL Player and have it made, but cheerleaders are not allowed to go around players. It is forbidden that they go around them. If you ever see a player and cheerleader ever together it is because they work for different teams. So there is a little info on the NFL beauties, hope you enjoyed!