If you are a procrastinator, you may want to get on the ball.  Randall County is cracking down on people who have outstanding fines and it could mean no longer being able to drive your car.

There are many people who let fines go unpaid until the last minute.  Well, Randall County wants to change that.  On June 16th, Randall County will be implementing the Scofflaw Statute.  This is a resourceful & powerful tool Texas created for improving collections of unpaid fines and fees owed to county and municipal governments.

Here is the how it will work.  If you have any unpaid fines or fees owed to Randall County, you will not be able to register your car(s).  That means pay your debt or don't drive your car.

Randall county is the first county in the Texas panhandle to use this statute.  They are hoping that this will get people to stop procrastinating and pay what they owe.

So pay up or park your car!