We all know that performers, especially musicians, are on the road and constantly working. Here's Brantley in a place that most people don't get to see him. Hanging out with family and friends.

Sometimes I think that as fans, we forget that these artists are just regular guys as well. The like to fish, hunt and hang out with their family. Living on a tour bus can strip people of that image, and I think it's an important one. Next time you see your favorite performer hit the stage, remember that they are probably looking forward to getting home and seeing their friends and family.

Also, the Taste Of Country Christmas Concert featuring Brantley Gilbert is coming up quick, so get your tickets ASAP or you might be left out in the cold the night of the show.

Taste Of Country Christmas Concert Tour: Saturday December 10th, 8pm at the Midnight Rodeo, 4400 S Georgia St - Amarillo, TX 79110. Tickets $12 in advance & $15 ATD; Purchse Tickets Online Here or at the door.