In December videos of this phenomenon were posted on YouTube, more and more videos are popping up of this strange, loud sound coming from the sky.

Strange, loud sounds have been coming from nowhere in the sky, people all over the world have reported to hearing this sound but do not know where it is coming from. Could this be signs of an apocalypse? Could it be a sign that an alien invasion is coming? Since this is the year in which the world is supposed to end a lot of people come to wonder what exactly this unfamiliar sound is.

It all started with a video back in December,2011 when a couple in Arizona heard these sounds coming from the sky but could not figure out where they were coming from. The sound was loud and like something they never heard before. Some say it is the earth speaking, some say it is the sign that the apocalypse is coming and some even say it could be a sign of an alien invasion.

Not only was this strange sound heard in Arizona, but multiple places in the United States and around the world. Videos have been popping up on YouTube from people who hear this unlikely sound and capture it on video. The videos below are just some from YouTube, take a watch and listen!



ALLEN, TX, 2012