Finally, a minority group of people often left behind is being focused on for the vote ! Frat boys everywhere finally have a political candidate they can get behind...and do keg stands with!Rumors have been circulating that  Presidential hopeful Rick Perry was drunk during his recent speech in New Hampshire. Of course those rumors have been put to rest by Perry's camp saying he was just really excited. Another quality a frat boy looks for in a potential candidate ! And if you don't believe them then here's further proof from the events host.

"I can tell you unequivocally he wasn't drinking at the event and he hadn't been drinking prior to the event," said Kevin Smith, executive director of conservative group Cornerstone Action, which organized the event, told The Hill. "I was sitting with him, and I found him to be very engaging with all of the people he was talking with, he was very articulate."

See, there's no way he was drunk  I mean ,who becomes social and outgoing once drunk ? lol Need more proof ?

According to Smith, Perry drank "only water" in the period leading up to his address

Mmmmhmmm, I know that trick...drinking "water" out of a Red Solo cup ;)  See what I mean, Gov. Perry was going for the frat vote , and I for one have never liked him more ! lol  You can watch the video here and decide for yourself.