Summer months are done and over with, but during the past two summers the City of Amarillo wanted the the residents to watch out on how much water we use, watering the grass during evening hours, when we shower, even how long we wash our hands. Now who and what businesses use the most water back in 2011?

Commercial users now days use the most water to run their plants or business or hospitals, which Northwest Texas Healthcare ranks number 10 on the list of the top Amarillo commercial water users of 2011. NWTH uses about 46 million gallons of water to run the hospital for all their patients, nurses, and doctors.

Then when go up the list to the top two spots on the list coming in at number two is the TDCJ Clements and Neal units which uses more like 396 gallons back in 2011 to provide for the inmates. Then at number 1 is the Tyson meat plant with 1.7 billion gallons of water! Now to me that is a lot of water to be using, but it is understandable is business.

Moving on to the most water use by a resident where coming in at number 10 is a guy name Steve from Amarillo using around 1.39 gallons of water during the year of 2011. That is too much for a family to be using all that water when the city wanted to save as much water as we can.

Then you go to the top of the list were Mr. Stanley Marsh uses over 5 million gallons of water for his property. So where does all this water go its not making his lawn any greener. This tells you that their are people out there that use more water then others, but expect the rest of us to save water. Commercial use is ok for business, but when residents want use over millions of water something needs to change then.