My family loves cheesecake!  But lets face it, it takes up a lot of time I don't have.  I decided that I was going to find a recipe that didn't take forever and tasted homemade.  I found a no bake recipe that tastes pretty good.

Whenever I have some spare time, I like to get into the kitchen and bake for my family.  One of our favorites is cheesecake.  While homemade is always best, it can be tedious and time consuming.  So I went on a mission and think I have found the perfect recipe!

TSM Amarillo

Here's what you'll need:

2 Can Cherry Pie Filling

1/2 cup butter (one stick)

16 Oz Sour Cream

8 Oz Cream Cheese softened

16 Oz Mini Marshmallows (1 1/2 bags)

2 regular size ready graham pie crusts

First you need to mix sour cream and cream cheese together until smooth and set aside.

TSM Amarillo

Next, melt the butter on low heat and mix in marshmallows a little at a time until smooth.

Immediately add the melted marshmallows to the sour cream/cream cheese mixture and mix them together really well.

TSM Amarillo

Now, pour equal amounts of cheesecake into each of the pie crusts and cover.  I usually hang on to the plastic cover that comes with the crusts for the cover.

Place in the fridge for at least an hour.  Now top with the cherry pie filling and enjoy!