10 GIFs for the End of the World
We're staying calm. We really are. But what if despite all signs to the contrary, the world ends on Friday, December 21? Here's a guide to handling that particular little dilemma.
The Best Mayan Apocalypse Memes
Well, we really hope the Mayans were wrong. We aren't quite ready for the world to end -- we need to know how 'Breaking Bad' ends. Here are some memes to cheer you up and bolster your confidence that we just might see the sun come up on Saturday after all. Enjoy!
Find a Mate To Repopulate The Planet After the Apocalypse
There is someone for everyone. It’s a cliché for a reason. People with even the strangest of hobbies and interests can usually find someone else to share those hobbies and interests with them. And now, survivalists can join the club of niche dating with their own dating sites.