black friday

Is It Time To Shop Yet?
When is it time to start your holiday shopping? Do you have a set time or date? Do you have a time you cut yourself off from shopping?
Town Square Village to Host Holiday Grand Opening
If you have driven on Soncy by Hillside then you have noticed buildings popping up and construction in that area for the last couple of years.  That construction is Town Square Village.  Coming up on Black Friday they are finally having their grand opening.
5 Horrific Black Friday Brawls [VIDEO]
Black Friday is notable for the great sales, early mornings, and crazy fist fights. Here are some of the worst Black Friday brawls caught on camera.
1. Fighting over a TV at Walmart
2. Fist fight in Victoria's Secret
3. This lady with a stun gun
9 Amarillo Businesses Having Black Friday Sales
Everyone knows exactly what the "big box" stores are doing for Black Friday. I mean, it's on every channel and posted all over the internet. But, there are actually some local businesses that are having Black Friday Specials as well.

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