Guy Stuck in His Car Going 125 MPH With No Brakes
Imagine yourself jumping into your car for a quick run to the supermarket. As you approach your first stop sign, with the sun shining on your face and some fine tunes on the radio, you realize that your brakes aren't arresting your forward movement, but actually accelerating it. Eventually, you…
The Vanishing Car [VIDEO]
Today is October First and usually that means its time to get ready for Halloween putting up decorations, finding the right costume, even hitting out to the haunted houses. Well what could be more scary then a haunted house maybe a real ghost perhaps a car?
Awesome Dad Modifies Son’s Lightning McQueen Toy Car
Five-year-old Evan loves ‘Cars’ so much that he literally wore out the wheels on his Lightning McQueen Power Wheel toy car. So, his dad Sean, an employee at the aftermarket tuning company FFTEC Motorsports, rebuilt the ride from the ground up, even adding a zippy 500 watt elect…

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